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An Inclusive + Meaningful Engagement Methodology

Highlights of Our Community Engagement Process

We understand how important these projects are to our neighborhoods, and we are committed to the facilitation of meaningful, productive and efficient community involvement to make your projects meet their needs and manage expectations.

We work with clients to facilitate this connection with community partners, groups, and stakeholders. Our collective goal will be to understand their concerns and the vision that they have for public facilities and incorporate that into the design process. 

A primary focus of any workshop, community meeting, or charrette is to solicit questions, concerns, and buy-in. We have an exemplary record of working with stakeholders to understand and agree upon a project's goals, facts, and values. One of the most powerful ways we do this is by going Around the Room. 

Another tenet of our design process is to develop Guiding Principles to focus our design vision with you and communicate what's important in your project. Often, community engagement contributes important facts and values to these Principles. We revist these throughout the design process to verify that your vision stays on track as decisions are being made. 

Some of the ways we facilitate discussions include:

Community Meetings, Workshops and Charrettes

Various Virtual Collaboration Platforms

Multi-lingual Presentations

Surveys (digital and in person)

Around the Room

Project Microsite

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Design 


Model Play (virtual and tactile)

Good Ideas Come From All Different Directions

We inspire people to want to contribute to a meaningful process that honors participation from all personality types. We will share our knowledge and insights based upon years of research and practical experience. 

We seek a high level of design for our libraries and G+P delivers that consistently. They listen carefully to our customers and engage them actively in the process of design ...

Division of Design and Construction, Howard County Government

Westmoreland Community Meeting - January 5, 2016

Westmoreland Community Meeting - January 5, 2016

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