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Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office

Woodstock, Virginia


Shenandoah County


Addition + Renovation

After operating in a windowless basement and several satellite offices for years, the Shenandoah County Sheriff Office was ready to unite their staff in a single facility that communicated the pride and professionalism of the deputies and created a more visible presence in the community. G+P helped bring that vision to reality with the new County Sheriff’s Office.

G+P evaluated multiple site locations for the department. The recommended site provided the most expansion, visibility, and cost-effective construction for the County. G+P’s building layout brought all departments under one roof, connected by a light filled ‘main street’ to anchor the layout. Specialized areas of the building include evidence storage, forensics lab, and training rooms, in addition to areas for patrol and investigation staff. An existing 2-story warehouse on site was incorporated into the design as vehicle processing and short-term arrestee processing.

During construction drawings, the County added the Department of Emergency Communications to the program. G+P was able to quickly adjust the building layout to provide dedicated space to the 911 Call Center and to allow shared use of common support areas already in the design.

The staff with Grimm + Parker have been excellent to work with.  They have worked tirelessly to provide quality and professional guidance and services to our project.

Sheriff, Shenandoah County