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Waverly Elementary + Middle School

Baltimore, Maryland


Baltimore City Public Schools


121,000 sf; 890 students




New Construction


Pre-K through 8

Waverly PreK-8 brings together historic elements from this storied neighborhood that once housed Memorial Stadium, with thoughtful design for a joint elementary and middle school population on a tight, urban site.

Constructed in phases, the school is organized to separate age groups by floors and provide them with distinct identities. Circulation paths keep to the ends of the classrooms on each floor, ensuring separate flows for elementary and middle school students. All educational spaces are rich with natural daylight, with classroom furniture allowing for mobility and flexible learning combinations.

The cafeteria and gymnasium are on opposite ends of the building, allowing for multiple after-hours activities. The school not only serves as a new educational center but creates a community cultural center and recreational center, providing for the needs expressed during the engagement process.

Grimm + Parker's leadership has been critical in the successful community relationship established on this project.

Former Director, Facilities Design + Construction, BCPS

Light Wells

The design maximized glazing and transparency throughout the school, and uses color sparingly to provide emphasis but allow personalization.


Excellence in Construction

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