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Mixed-Use Baltimore Sky Gardens

Baltimore, Maryland


Unbuilt Concept


255,000 sf, 18 stories


High Rise Mixed Use


3 stories underground parking

Baltimore Sky Gardens is conceptualized in the heart of Baltimore, MD in an effort to contribute to the revitalization of downtown. Rising above a 2-level base of retail, an 18-story high rise tower is comprised of commercial and healthcare offices and affordable, multi-family residential units.

The cascading garden terraces were influenced by the Babylonian hanging gardens, providing outdoor living at different levels. This building is envisioned as a hub of activity day-to-night: retail, healthcare, office, and homes.

Commercial + Healthcare

Office spaces for traditional commercial and healthcare -focused spaces benefit from dynamic interior circulation spaces, narrow floor plates ensuring views to the exterior and natural daylight, and compact footprints ideally-laid out for a variety of layouts. 

Terrace Levels

Physical and visual connections to the outside are provided wtih various green roof terrace levels and the roof top garden. Office workers and residents can enjoy these vegetated amenities for co-working spaces, entertaining, physical activity, and gardening. 

These stepped gardens also function as localized stormwater management facilities - slowing down and filtering rainwater before it gets to grade. 

Closing Thoughts

This utopian vision of a vertical city creates the space for inhabitants to shop, work, play, live + heal, all in one building.