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Beacon Hall STEM Renovation At Brightpoint Community College

Chester, Virginia


Brightpoint Community College


34,744 sf






In association with HOK

The College’s growing nursing and allied health programs have a new home on BCC’s Chester campus! Relocated from leased space off-campus, the new nursing suite in Beacon Hall provides state-of-the-art facilities that rival and exceed those of Virginia’s 4-year college nursing programs, offering authentic learning experiences in a setting that emulates a hospital wing.

New health sciences labs include nursing skills labs and an EMS training lab on a simulated hospital corridor with a central nurses’ station. But the real gem of the program are the six new simulation labs with high fidelity medical manikins. As students learn to care for these patients, the manikins talk, react, scream in pain, give birth, die, and when properly treated, are resuscitated to life all under the control of teaching staff in the adjoining control booths.

Closing Thoughts

Beacon Hall is also home to new natural science labs and a shared “commons” space designed to promote interdisciplinary exchange between the natural and health sciences. Science faculty offices, shared classrooms and a learning lounge for informal learning and social activities complete the learning community at Beacon Hall.