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Knight Hall College Of Journalism, University Of Maryland

College Park, Maryland


University of Maryland, College Park


60,000 sf




New Construction



Knight Hall blends with the context of its site on a traditional campus yet promotes the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the forefront of the journalism profession in the 21st Century. Designed at the moment when the profession of journalism was undergoing a profound change through digital media, Knight Hall symbolizes the journalistic trends of the future: technology and transparency.

The new facility features extensive technology that fosters the students’ collaborative and innovative spirit. The classrooms, labs, offices, seminar rooms, professional training centers and project-based learning environments all focus on technological learning that is crucial to becoming an effective journalist.

Sharing information, both actively and passively within the department and throughout the entire student body, is encouraged by the vibrant 24/7 News Bubble and the building’s numerous video displays. Interior public spaces provide a connecting path to campus, allowing students and visitors access to emerging news stories.

From inception to completion, the architects worked with clarity, precision, and devotion to responsive, responsible management principles.

Professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Abundance Of Transparency

Knight Hall promotes transparency as one of the core values of journalism. The building offers views into spaces, revealing and sharing their various functions. The extensive use of glass truly demonstrates the First Amendment in practice, and fosters interaction and conversation among students and faculty.

Knight Hall Journalism School 2010

Closing Thoughts

The presence of professional journalists as residents within the building supports the school’s mission to provide experiential learning for students and to create partnerships between the profession and the school.


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