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Westmoreland High School Collaborative Learning Environment

Montross, Virginia


Westmoreland County Public Schools


148,500 sf; 800 students


New Construction

Struggling with their aging and inadequate school facility’s ability to provide the educational and community services that they craved, it was clear from the outset that the citizens were hungry for a new beginning that would lead to a better tomorrow for both their graduates and their community at large.

To provide the students of Westmoreland County with a first class and forward-thinking next generation education, student centered and based on interdisciplinary learning principles. To provide an educational experience that would provide the life skills to compete in an ever-growing global economy while also fostering the growth of local successful citizens. Lastly, to create a facility that would provide the local community with amenities, venues, and services taken for granted in more densely populated regions.

Designed for 800 students and accommodating next generation, project-based learning ideals, the building is organized around a central student dining commons featuring abundant daylight and views. This open and multi-use space will be used for a variety of project based educational opportunities throughout the course of the entire school day. After hours it will not only serve the student population but will serve the entire local community as an event hall to be made available along with the performing arts and athletic facilities.


Academic areas are provided with multiple break-out spaces with foldable glass partitions to accommodate a variety of groups sizes for collaborative learning. State-of-the-art performing arts and athletic spaces provide students and communities with the tools to support their creative and physical endeavors.

Lifelong Learners

Collaboration hubs support the project's guiding principle of having a student/community-centric program to prepare learners of all ages for college, careers, lifelong learning, recreation and civic engagement.

Grimm + Parker truly listened to the citizens of Westmoreland County, valuing each thought, idea, comment, question, and concern that was shared.

Superintendent, Westmoreland County Public Schools

Closing Thoughts

Designed not only for today’s learners, but for the learners of tomorrow, Westmoreland High School will be a beacon, guiding Westmoreland County and the Town of Montross  deep into the twenty-first century.


Outstanding Project Award

Learning By Design