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The Summit At St. Martin's

Washington, D.C.


Victory Housing Inc


Catholic Charities


180,000 sf


New Construction + Adaptive Reuse


182 Units

An extraordinary opportunity to develop nearly an entire city block, The Summit at St. Martin’s features mixed-income housing units for market-rate, low-income, and formerly homeless residents. The building has become a neighborhood center and symbol for communal living and thoughtful, adaptive re-use.

Respectful of the surrounding urban fabric, the building’s traditional façade reflects the context and style of the neighborhood. The design incorporates townhome-like that helps to energize the streetscape with individual porch stoops and door entries – mirroring the entries across the street. The interiors feature quality materials and finishes, large windows with great views, and an abundance of natural light. These thoughtful features reinforce the wellbeing of the residents at St. Martin's.

The development at St. Martin's was a unique opportunity to incorporate new construction with adaptive re-use of the site's existing convent. The new complex consists of a wood frame building over a concrete podium, two multi-story plaza courtyards, and a hidden parking garage below. The design also included the relocation and renovation of a stunning 1920's historic convent that was converted to livable space.

A Neighborhood Landmark + Convent Conversion

Crucial to the design process was the incorporation of the site's 1920's historic convent. The structure was relocated to a prominent location on the site and converted into unique apartments units.

Connected directly to the new construction portion of the development, the historic elements of the convent influenced the traditional elements of the overall facade design.  

The building is simply stunning. It reflects the dignity and worth of each person, and immediately communicates that they are loved and valued.

Catholic Charities

Closing Thoughts

The Summit at St. Martin's is a stunning example of adaptive re-use, good urban design, and housing for all. 


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