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Lorton Library + Community Center

Lorton, Virginia


Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services


46,000 sf


Tracking LEED Gold


Renovation + Addition

The 46,000 sf Lorton Library + Community Center is a multigenerational, co-located facility with the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC) and Lorton Park. The combined facility features a welcoming shared lobby that provides access to the expanded Library, new public meeting room, and the new Community Center.

The project includes the renovation of the existing 10,000 sf Library and a 6,000 sf addition, which creates an enlarged children’s area, increased seating, more meeting and study rooms, and individual nooks.

A Fresh Take

While the history of the library lies in books, its evolution revolves around technology, learning, socializing, and a welcoming environment.

Lorton Library’s fresh “new” environments with abundant lighting, sound absorbing materials, and a vibrant color palette, all create a positive library experience.

Good Bones

The existing structural colonnade served as inspiration for the radiating ceiling planes that float above the library’s main reading room and collection.

Always Trending + Popular

Study rooms for one to four individuals are the most popular amenities in a library year after year. The renovation of the Lorton Library included four new private and sound contained study rooms along the exterior windows of the library — making the most desirable space for students to study, professionals to meet, and tutors to teach.

The 30,000 sf Community Center provides space for the Lorton Senior Center and LCAC (a nonprofit that provides emergency, food, clothing, and financial assistance to those in need), as well as a broad array of services, programs, and activities for individuals of all ages and abilities. The Community Center features a gymnasium, exercise, fitness, game, art and sensory rooms, multi-purposes rooms for seniors and teens, and a space for LCAC.

The new Lorton Park located behind the parking lot has an open field, picnic tables, playground, fitness area, and trail loop.

Closing Thoughts

The newly renovated, light-filled Library has been transformed and restored to the position it enjoyed when it opened — a contemporary Library with modern amenities suited to the needs of its users.