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60 LEED Certified Projects!

Grimm + Parker has reached a major milestone this year in completing 60 LEED certified projects!

Additionally, we have approximately 34 in design and construction – hovering close to 100 in our portfolio!

Some stats on the completed projects are below:
+ 60 projects certified (complete)
+ 56% are LEED Gold; 38% LEED Silver; 2 LEED Certified; and 1 LEED Platinum
+ 23 are K-12 schools (38%)
+ The remainder are higher education, dormitories, residential, recreation, libraries, youth detention centers, community centers, city halls, police stations, health centers, etc.

LEED isn’t the only sustainable design certification that our projects have received. G+P has also completed:

+ 20 Green Communities
+ 86 Energy Star certified
+ 3 Viridiant

Additionally, we have seven International Green Construction Code (IgCC) projects. Note that this is a code overlay and not a certification.