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Wellness + Aquatics Center At College Of Southern Maryland

Leonardtown, Maryland


College of Southern Maryland


32,500 sf


New Construction

The Wellness Center at the Leonardtown campus of the College of Southern Maryland combines a recreation center, a health and wellness center and an educational center all into one building that serves both the college and the community.

The entrance tower orients and draws in the campus and community, and an extended site and building axis complete the existing pedestrian paths. The main hall incorporates elements of the building’s exterior into its very heart, connecting every space in the facility with extensive natural light, integrated seating, displays, and places for conversation, all highlighted by rich and rugged finishes that respect the history of the campus architecture.

The natatorium provides for competition and recreational swimming in the main pool while therapy and rehabilitation are accommodated in the warmer therapy pool. Multi-purpose spaces not only accommodate dance and aerobic activities, but are readily converted to classroom spaces. The fitness center incorporates a combination of weight training, cardio-fitness and wellness assessment and consultation. With abundant natural daylighting, transparency and natural building materials, the building brings the outside in while connecting the mind and body to nature.

I have found this team to be very attentive to the operational needs of the college as well as to the aesthetic qualities required in these very public buildings. They have listened carefully to suggestions from a variety of college staff and have sought solutions that do not violate the integrity of the design or compromise the educational program.

College of Southern Maryland

Closing Thoughts

The architecture brings together materials that acknowledge regional traditions with design that looks to the future, promoting lifelong wellness for CSM’s Leonardtown students and residents of St. Mary’s County.