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William H. Talley, III and Nicholas Center At Brightpoint Community College

Chester, Virginia


Virginia Community College System


26,000 sf Renovation + 25,500 sf Addition


Renovation + Addition



BCC’s Nicholas Center has doubled in size and function! With a new home, the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) now occupies the William H. Talley, III Center for Workforce Development in the addition at Nicholas Center.

In response to growing needs for workforce training, credentialing and career development solutions, BCC partnered with CCWA to provide event space, offices, classrooms, digital labs, and a new “flex lab” for developing advanced technical skills in a hands-on environment.

Serving as the student center for the Chester campus, Nicholas Center includes a fully updated student lounge, fitness center, new classrooms, campus store and new grab-n-go cafe. The student lounge has been redesigned for a variety of settings to include areas for gaming, study, dining and larger group functions like student organization events, registration, and summer camps.

Closing Thoughts

The facility generates stimulating educational experiences and enhances collaboration between community, students and faculty.