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Anne E. Moncure Elementary School

Stafford, Virginia


Stafford County Public Schools


107,000 sf, 900 students


LEED Silver


New Construction


Two-story library

The new Anne E. Moncure Elementary School embraces Stafford County Public Schools’ (SCPS) pedagogical initiative where next-generation learning spaces facilitate learner-centered, student-driven, real-world, and project-based learning.  These environments promote SCPS C5W All Century Learning Revolution by focusing on the whole person and where students are empowered and inspired to embrace Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Citizenship, and Wellness. SCPS believes that students should be exposed to holistic learning opportunities that advance their intellect, health, and spirit.

Stafford County Public School's (SCPS) vision for these next-generation learning environments is defined by three guiding principles:  Build the skills, knowledge, and expertise students need to be lifelong learners and empower them to greatness. Develop the wellness of students by providing environments that promote, support, and educate about proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Provide an adaptable “learner-centered” culture of creativity and innovation for consistent student achievement and success.

The interior design was an opportunity to connect to the natural environment and harness the students’ sense of adventure. Stimulating colors and textures in finishes and surface materials that positively impact the socio-emotional learning were provided throughout the school. The school is surrounded by natural light, plants and nature and students are naturally healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

Connecting A Community Of Learners

The heart of the school features a naturally day-lit, two-story library that acts as the central learning commons. The main level includes classroom clusters, administration, gymnasium, dining and arts spaces, all of which are organized around the central library via the learning hub.

Energy saving mechanical systems are visible in the main classroom corridor via large glass doors, providing hints into how the school uses less energy with high performance equipment and controls.

Closing Thoughts

An elementary school over 100,000 sf can be overwhelming for the younger grades. Therefore, efforts were taken to break down the scale of the school into smaller neighborhoods to make students feel more at home.


Grand Prize Award

Learning By Design

Gold Design Award

A4LE Virginia Chapter & Southeast Region

Honorable Mention

Virginia School Board Association (VSBA)

Citation Design Award

AIA Maryland