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La Reine Science + Innovation Center At Bishop McNamara High School

Forestville, Maryland


Bishop McNamara High School


20,000 sf; 300 students


New Construction

Bishop McNamara High School opened in 1964 as an all-boys school sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross. La Reine High School opened in nearby Suitland in 1960 as an all-girls school and dedicated to the Bernadine Sisters. La Reine closed its doors in 1991 and combined with Bishop McNamara as a co-ed school in 1992.

Visioning sessions with La Reine alumni, Bishop McNamara staff, community members, and tours of the existing building inspired the design of the new La Reine Science and Innovation Center.

The Think Tank

Centrally located in the atrium, the Think Tank is an open area gathering area visible from sides where students and professors can meet to discuss and explore new ideas. 

The impeccable character of their company, their personal commitment to their clients, and their passion for creativity and innovation rank them among the best companies I have worked with in my 31 years in Catholic education.

CEO, Bishop McNamara High School

Closing Thoughts

“The La Reine Science + Innovation Center will be a game changer, not only for Bishop McNamara students, but for the Prince George’s County community as a whole. We know that STEM education is critical to ensuring our young people can compete professionally after high school.”

Prince George’s County Executive